Are Gorilla Grow Tents Light Proof?

Are Gorilla Grow Tents light proof















When choosing a grow tent, it is important to determine the light proof properties of the tent. This feature is important if you’re using air-cooled lights. It allows you to grow taller plants, and it allows you to run your DE lights as well. It is also important that the tent be durable and strong, and Gorilla tents deliver on these criteria.

Light proof

The Gorilla Grow Tents are light proof, easy to set up, and come with a heavy-duty spill tray. They also come with a set of hooks for hanging lights. These free-standing grow tents are ideal for small gardens and apartment growing. They are also easy to clean.

These grow tents are available in different sizes. The most common size is 4′ x 4′, and can accommodate six plants. Many people choose to grow four or more larger plants. The 4′ x 4′ tent comes with one door, six 11″ ducts, and two cord entry points. This is one of the most popular sizes, and they are available in various colors and shapes. They also come with height extension options, so you can fit more plants in them.


The Gorilla Grow Tents are made of industrial strength zippers and feature infrared blocking material. This helps to keep the heat out of the growing environment. They also include plenty of access ports, windows and doors. In addition to these great features, Gorilla Grow Tents are also affordable.

When it comes to indoor gardening, water resistance is an important feature. While other tents are only water resistant, Gorilla Grow Tents are completely waterproof. Consequently, they can protect you from light rain and moderate downpour. If you’re concerned about the saline in your growing medium, a Gorilla Grow Tent may be an excellent choice.


The Durable Gorilla Grow Tents are designed for indoor gardening. The grow tents have large windows that can be easily opened for inspections without disrupting the growing environment. The large EZ-view windows also make it easy to observe the plants without having to open the tent door multiple times a day, which can cause losses in humidity and allow pests to enter the tent. A canvas lining also covers the zipper seams to prevent light and moisture from escaping.

The durable Gorilla Grow Tent is made of heavy-duty steel frames and a 1680D fabric cover. The fabric covers are water-resistant and will not leak light or foul smells. The sturdy metal frames will also accommodate duct fans and charcoal filters. The tent’s zippers are strong and last for many years.


The Gorilla Grow Tent is light proof and features a heavy-duty spill tray and a sturdy outer lining. The tent is also easy to set-up and has built-in hooks for hanging lights. This makes it perfect for apartment growing. In addition, Gorilla Grow Tents are guaranteed for one year, so you can rest assured you’re getting a quality product.

Although these grow tents aren’t the cheapest on the market, the Gorilla brand is a worthy investment. Gorilla grow tents feature large 10″ ducting ports that are fully cinchable for optimal ventilation. You can also take advantage of extra features, such as a tool pouch, a waterproof floor liner, and extra stitching in commonly used areas.

Easy to put together

If you’re new to indoor gardening and want to grow your own plants in a comfortable environment, you may be wondering how to put together a grow tent. Fortunately, Gorilla has developed a line of easy-to-assemble tents that are great for newbies and experienced growers alike. The Shorty line, for example, is four feet by eight feet and includes features like velcro door strips, 360-degree access, and EZ View windows, which let you monitor your plants easily.

The Gorilla Grow Tent is the world’s most popular grow tent, and it’s easy to see why. It’s durable, light-proof, and strong. These grow tents help you grow plants in optimal conditions and produce larger yields. These tents also feature large double-cinching ducting ports, making them ideal for soil setups. Plus, they come with comprehensive instructions and grow room design ideas. And, if you have questions or need help, Gorilla offers lifetime support for their product.


The sturdy frames of Gorilla grow tents are heavy duty and can support the weight of up to 300 lbs. They are also built with reinforced stitching and zippers. This means that even heavy grow lights won’t knock over and leak inside the tent. The tent’s design also features thick viewing windows and heavy-duty zippers.

Gorilla grow tents come with 1680D fabrics for maximum light protection and noise reduction. They also feature PEVA binding techniques to create a stronger, more durable fabric.