Are Gorilla Tents Worth the Money?

Are Gorilla tents worth it






If you’re in the market for a new tent, there are a number of different options to choose from. You’ll want to look at the features of each of the models to make sure you’re getting the best value for your money. Some of the most important features to look for are: Easy set-up, accessibility, and height adjustment.

Easy to set up

Despite their easy to set up nature, Gorilla tents are surprisingly heavy-duty. The outer fabric is made of a heavy-duty canvas with a thick thread size called denier. This thick thread is very durable and withstands wear and tear. In addition, Gorilla tents are built with sturdy steel poles and connectors.

The Gorilla Grow Tent is the first professionally designed grow tent. It has port locations that allow proper air flow and closed-loop lighting. It also has 360-degree access and a tool pouch inside. It also has thick poles that are compatible with filters and fans. This grow tent is ideal for soil setups and comes with step-by-step instructions. It also offers lifetime customer support.


Sturdy Gorilla tents are designed for the ultimate in climate control and protection from the elements. Their features include industrial strength zippers and infrared-blocking material. They also have plenty of windows, doors, and access ports. You can count on them to keep your plants healthy and safe.

Gorilla tents are made of durable canvas material with a thick outer lining. They use a thick thread size (called denier), which makes them more resistant to wear. They are also very light, making them difficult to accidentally damage. A Gorilla grow tent should have a one-year warranty.


Accessible Gorilla tents are designed with a wide opening and heavy duty spill tray to contain spills and dirt. The lining of the tent is made from a durable, infrared-blocking fabric. This makes the tent extremely sturdy and easy to clean. It also includes a tool bag for storing small tools and items.

Gorilla grow tents are available in different sizes and heights. The standard model starts at 6′ 11″ while the GGT and Lite line models top out at 6′ 7″. These two models are extendible by an additional foot. The Shorty line, on the other hand, is meant for those who do not have much vertical space and top out at 4′ 11″. In addition, the GGT and Lite line models have height extension kits that can be purchased separately.

Height adjustable

Gorilla tents have a high-quality mylar inner lining and an extremely durable outer lining. This makes them very durable and will not tear easily. They also feature a heavy-duty spill tray that will catch spills and dirt. The Gorilla tent is also insulated and has an infrared-blocking ceiling fabric. This will help prevent heat loss and radiant warming in the surrounding area. The frame of a Gorilla tent is one of the strongest available, with steel poles and connectors.

The height of the Gorilla grow tent can be adjusted by using an extension kit. You can increase the height of your growing space from seven feet to eight or nine feet tall, allowing your plants to grow up to 50 percent larger. This allows you to enjoy a better view of your plants, and it allows them to grow vertically.


Gorilla tents are popular due to their durability and strength. They far exceed the strength of any other tent, thanks to their thick fabric and steel frame. Whether you’re camping on a rainy day or in the middle of a thunderstorm, a Gorilla tent is sure to last.

These tents come with heavy-duty metal poles and corner joints. They are sturdy and have a high-quality finish. Moreover, they are guaranteed for one year after purchase. This is a good sign that the company is dedicated to providing a high-quality product.


Gorilla tents are premium quality tents that are priced reasonably. Their durable canvas outer lining and mylar lining ensure maximum insulation and light distribution. They are also surprisingly lightweight, with a water-resistant interior. They also feature a one-year warranty. Compared to most other tents, Gorilla tents are much more affordable than you may expect.

Gorilla tents are available in a variety of sizes and prices. For example, the Lite line starts at six feet, and the GGT line starts at six feet and seven feet. You can also purchase height extension kits separately for one foot more height. There is also a Shorty line tent, which is perfect for growers with limited vertical space. Shorty line tents are a little short at four feet and eleven inches high, but they are extendable with an available height extension kit.