Do Buds Grow At Night Or Day?

Do buds grow at night or dayCannabis growers know that darkness is just as important as light. The savvy cultivator understands the dual needs of his plants, and he knows how to balance the two. But does it really matter if buds grow at night or during the day? Let’s find out. Here are some tips to keep cannabis plants happy in either situation.


Growing marijuana plants indoors requires a specific lighting regime. It is important that you provide the plant with the correct light intensity, temperature, and humidity. The amount of C02 levels must also be increased during the flowering phase.


Some cannabis growers will intentionally give their plants up to 24 hours of darkness in order to speed the transition from vegetative to flowering stage. This practice is thought to help the plant produce a flower hormone called florigen, which is mostly produced at night. However, there’s very little science to support this practice. In fact, studies of plants grown under inductive dark periods of up to 16 hours have shown no adverse effects.


When growing marijuana, it’s important to learn the timing of harvesting. The best time to harvest a plant is when most of its trichomes have turned cloudy-white but not yet amber. The trichomes mature at different rates, so some will remain clear, while others will have already turned amber. Waiting too long will degrade the THC in your buds, so you should harvest when they’re still clear. A jeweler’s loupe is the best tool to examine trichomes closely.


When cannabis plants mature, the buds begin to produce trichomes. These trichomes have four different stages of development, each with different effects. By watching for the trichomes in your plants, you can determine the optimal time to harvest. As a rule, harvesting marijuana plants before the trichomes are fully developed is a mistake. It will result in less potent buds that lack the terpenes and essential oils.


When growing cannabis, timing the harvest is an art form. However, a good rule of thumb is around the Fall Equinox. Among the telltale signs of the ripe cannabis plant are brown pistils, curling fan leaves, and yellow, amber-colored trichomes.

Wet trimming

Many marijuana growers ask, “Do buds grow at night or day?” Because the timing of harvest is crucial to the quality of finished cannabis flowers, harvesting cannabis flowers during the night is preferable to harvesting them during the day. The reason for this is that cannabis plants should be kept out of direct sunlight while the roots are still attached. Direct light will draw sugars and starches out of the roots of the cannabis plant.

Wet curing

If you want to grow top-shelf quality marijuana, there are a few tips you should follow. Proper curing will prevent mold and bacteria and give your buds a smoother taste. This process typically takes about a month, although some cultivators prefer to wait up to six months. Curing can also improve the potency of the bud. It can also turn an average strain of marijuana into a one-hit wonder.

Proper lighting deprivation cover

Regardless of your growing style, there are several methods for achieving light deprivation. The simplest is to use a light-proof plastic cover. Another option is to place the plant in a dark room, but this can be a hassle for many plants and requires daily maintenance. In any case, covering your plant is not rocket science, but there are a few factors you need to take into consideration.