How Can I Make My Grow Tent Hotter?

How can I make my grow tent hotterThere are a few different ways to make your grow tent hotter. First, you can use a heater or an air-conditioning unit. Secondly, you can use lightproof ducting or a de-glassing hood. These methods are inexpensive and won’t take up much space.


If you grow marijuana in a grow tent, one of the first things you should consider is proper air circulation. Too little circulation in the tent can lead to hot and moldy plants. Proper air circulation will make the plants healthier and more resistant to diseases and pests. Proper air circulation will also strengthen the stems and branches of your plants. You can use an oscillating fan to improve air circulation inside your grow tent. Make sure to position it strategically so that it disperses air evenly.

You can also try placing an ice bucket near the fan. The cold water in the ice bucket will create condensation which will help keep the grow tent cool. You can also attach a thermostat to an electric heater.

A/C unit

While the heat in a grow tent can be unbearable, you can easily cool the space using an air conditioning unit. The best AC for grow tents is one that has a dehumidifying feature. During the summer months, this feature is essential to the health of your plants. Luckily, you can find portable air conditioners that have dehumidifying features that are perfect for grow tents.

Besides an A/C unit, you can use an ice bucket to keep the air inside the grow tent cooler. Place the bucket near the fan and the ice will condense and provide cool air. A cold water bucket will also help keep the tent cooler.

Lightproof ducting

Lightproof ducting is an essential part of a grow tent, but it’s important to choose the right type of ducting for your particular environment. Whether your grow room is a small, confined space, or an expansive greenhouse, the right ducting will prevent excess heat from accumulating in the growing area. Ducting for grow tents can be made from aluminum or a lightproof material.

Some cannabis growers choose to vent their tents into their living rooms. However, this can be problematic because the heat and humidity can make living conditions uncomfortable and can also result in the growth of black mold.

De-glassing hoods

While de-glassing hoods are popular among grow tent enthusiasts, they can make grow tents hotter. They work by blocking out cold air by preventing intake and exhaust fans from working. Similarly, they can prevent light from entering the grow tent. In some cases, the use of a thermostat can prevent the lights from getting too hot.

Another way to keep a grow tent cool is to install an inline fan. These fans draw hot ambient air away from the tent canopy and exhaust hot air to the exterior of the tent. This way, you can avoid hot air from damaging your plants. Alternatively, you can also install a free-standing circulating fan.

Air-cooled reflectors

Air-cooled grow light reflectors have several benefits. They can reduce the temperature of your grow tent and are often equipped with carbon filters and flexible ducting. Moreover, they can be connected with an inline fan, allowing you to vent hot air outside of your grow tent. However, make sure that you avoid kinks and tangles, since they will restrict airflow and reduce the cooling capacity of the system. Also, ensure that you leave enough space in the ducting for light adjustments.

While air-cooled reflectors are not necessary for all grow tents, they are a good choice for growing marijuana. These reflectors help reduce the temperature inside the growing area by focusing the light from grow lights onto the plants. This allows them to grow with greater light intensity, which is essential for photosynthesis.