How Tall Do AutoFlowers Get?

How tall do Autoflowers get


When they are ready to harvest, Autoflowers are ready around week ten. By then, their buds are milky, and the pistils have taken on a red or brown hue. Depending on how you choose to grow them, you may even be able to harvest at various stages throughout the week. You can even train your plants to get a progressive harvest, where the buds sit closer to the light.

Grow tent height

Autoflowers are known for their short height. They can grow to 1.5 meters or less, but short autoflowers can still produce firm, potent buds. Various issues can cause the height to be permanently stunted. Here are some tips to help you choose the right tent for your growing needs.

Depending on the plant, you may need to train it to grow higher or lower than its usual height. You can do this by bending the stems of the plant. If you’re growing a single plant, you’ll need a 3×3-foot grow tent. Similarly, if you’re growing several plants, you’ll need a larger grow tent.

Light cycle

When you are growing cannabis indoors, the question of “How tall do Autoflowers get?” may arise. Autoflowers grow under a light cycle of about twenty hours a day and require lower light intensity than their photoperiodic counterparts. While this pattern is beneficial to some autoflowers, it is less than optimal for others. For instance, autoflowers that are too close to a light source can suffer from heat burns, stunting their growth and reducing their yield.

Autoflowers generally reach a height of 50 to 100cm, but some strains can grow up to 150cm. You can control the height of your plants by controlling the light cycle and pot size. If you are growing for the first time, you may be wondering how tall your Autoflowers will grow.


Cannabis plants tend to grow rapidly during the first weeks of flowering. During this time, the plants can reach up to one foot in height in a single day. The ideal environment for autoflowers is around 20 degrees Celsius, with 50 to 70% humidity. But each strain will respond differently to these conditions. Therefore, it is crucial to monitor the plants’ reactions and choose the right pot size for them.

Most autoflowers will grow 50 to 100cm tall, although some can reach more than 150cm. However, you can control their height by changing the light cycle and pot size. For first-timers, the question of how tall autoflowers will grow is a big concern.

Germination time

Germination time for Autoflowers varies, but is typically 1-3 days. The seed will send a root down into the soil and a shoot up to the surface. It is important to choose a soil mix that is suited to autoflowers. They do not need as much nutrients as photoperiod plants, and they prefer light soil.

After flushing the seed, place it in a growing medium. The potting medium can be any type, but you must make sure that it has the proper PH level. If you place your seedlings in a humid environment, they may succumb to bacteria and rot.

Air pot size

The air pot size for autoflowers is the same as that for any other plant. However, the main advantage of air pots is that they allow for natural root pruning, which can be beneficial for the autoflower’s health. Additionally, the plant will not be overwatered, which can kill it. Moreover, an air pot is light and can be folded when not in use.

Autoflowers need ample space and air during early stages. Hence, a 20L air pot is sufficient for most varieties. However, some autoflowers need bigger pots than average-sized ones. Bigger pots can help the plants grow bigger and more powerful.

Light distance

When choosing the proper light distance for Autoflowers, you should consider the height of your plant. As a rule, the distance between the light and the plant should be at least six inches. You should also consider the growth stage of your Autoflowers. If they are too tall or too short, you should consider using a different light distance.

Many indoor growers prefer to use a 24-hour light cycle for autoflowers, particularly during the colder winter months. During these months, the temperature of the grow room drops faster without the grow lights on. However, not all growers recommend this cycle. Some believe that the added darkness is necessary for auto plant development.

Plant genetics

Many autoflowers can grow from 50cm to 100cm tall, though some strains can reach 150cm or more. The exact size of an autoflower plant is entirely dependent on the growing conditions and genetics of the plant. However, you can control its height by controlling its light cycle and pot size. If you’re growing your first autoflower, you may wonder how tall your plant will get.

Growing autoflowers is best done in a climate where they receive at least a few hours of daylight each day. Their short life cycle minimizes their susceptibility to disease and pests, though it doesn’t eliminate all potential issues. For instance, autoflowers planted in a Mediterranean climate may be able to harvest their first crop as early as mid-April.