How to Make a Grow Light Box?

How do you make a grow light box

A grow light box can be made using a few items. You will need two or three boxes to have a good set-up. Start by cutting a square out of a piece of foil, lining the edges with duct tape. You can use a box cutter to cut out the square.


You can hang grow lights from S-hooks or chains on a wooden light frame. If you want to save money, you can also purchase fluorescent shop lights and attach them with chains or zip ties. Plug in the grow lights and timer, and place the trays with seedlings two to three inches from the lights.

To hang a grow light, you’ll need a pair of S-hooks or chains, which are adjustable. You can buy them from hardware stores or online. Most light boxes come with two hooks and a chain. You can purchase more chains or S-hooks separately from the hardware store. Another option is to buy a cheap 4 foot shop light box with adjustable chains. These are more flexible, since they don’t require a book tower or other mounting system. In addition, they have slightly angled sides to reflect light.


Using chains to hang your grow light can help you keep it secure and lift it up and down. You can buy chains in various sizes and cut them yourself. Just make sure they are long enough to hang from a ceiling-mounted eye hook. Once you have the right size, you can attach it to the grow light’s wire attachments.

If you do not want to use chains, you can use a grow light frame with eye screws. The grow light should be mounted with the support on one side. You can also use the edge of a shelving unit to hang it. Once it is in place, connect the grow light to an electrical outlet and set a timer. The timer will ensure that the lights are turned on and off at the right times. The grow light box must be watered regularly.

Fluorescent bulbs

One of the best ways to grow your own plants is to use fluorescent bulbs. They are more energy-efficient than other lights, but they have some drawbacks. Fluorescent bulbs are made of thin glass, contain heavy metals, and can lose their brightness over time. Also, fluorescent ballasts can interfere with electrical devices. If you’re having trouble with your fluorescent fixtures, consider buying horticultural replacement bulbs.

Fluorescent lights produce more light than incandescent bulbs. They are also more efficient than incandescent bulbs because they produce more light than heat. For a small grow space, you might want to purchase compact fluorescent bulbs. Because they fit into standard lamp sockets, you won’t have to install a shop light fixture or ballast.

LED lights

LED lights can be mounted on a thin metal shelf to provide sufficient light for growing plants. The LEDs should be connected in parallel to each other with a red wire on the plus side and a black wire on the minus side. The LEDs can be held firmly in place with zip ties. A 12 amp power supply should be used.

LED lights are extremely energy efficient and can last for years. They are also compact, and emit only the colors that plants need to grow. These lights use very little electricity, and are often used in commercial greenhouse settings. However, LED lights are not recyclable in home recycling systems, so a special facility must be used to dispose of them.

Position of lights

To grow cannabis successfully, it’s essential to carefully monitor how much light reaches your plants. Too much light can cause distress and even stunted growth. Fortunately, LED grow lights are generally low-wattage and don’t produce heat. However, you should still monitor your lights to avoid light burn.

Depending on the stage of growth, different plants require different light levels. For instance, plants that are in their vegetative stage require less light than those that are already flowering. For this reason, you should move your LED Grow lights closer to your plants. This will maximize their photosynthesis, but be careful not to get them too close, or your plants will grow wider than they would have otherwise.