How to Keep a Grow Tent Warm in the Winter

To make a grow tent warm in the winter, you can use different methods. These include insulating it, using electric heaters, using a groundsheet, and using oil filled radiators. You should also consider installing a fan heater. These heaters keep the tent warm without releasing moisture into the air.

Electric heaters

An electric heater is a great way to keep your grow tent comfortable in the winter. They are very affordable and easy to use. The best heater has a thermostat that shuts it off automatically when the desired temperature is reached. You can set the temperature range from 32degF to 0degC and get around 163 m3/h of heated air.

Another way to keep the grow tent warm in the winter is to use an air diffuser. This will ensure that your plants are receiving adequate air circulation while growing. You can also use flexible ducting. You can run the ducting from an intake fan and wrap it around the grow tent. You can then plug it at one end and cut the ducting into slits so the air will circulate.


In the winter, indoor plants need a little extra heat to maintain a healthy growing environment. Temperatures below 18 C can cause a slowdown in plant growth, but there are ways to combat this. You can use an electric heater or a fan heater to provide heat for your grow tent. Fan heaters have the added benefit of not releasing moisture into the air, so they’re a great option to keep your grow tent warm in the winter.

Another solution is to install additional lights. These lights can produce more light, which can help you grow plants more evenly. They also use much less energy than an electric heater. Consider buying HID or T5 fixtures that can provide both light and heat.

Oil filled radiators

It is important to maintain the right temperature for your plants during the dark winter months. The ideal temperature range for marijuana is between 20 and 28 degrees Celsius. While plants do tolerate some fluctuations in temperature, prolonged periods of too high or too cold can stunt growth or even kill them. You can use an oil filled radiator or an electric heater to keep your grow tent at the correct temperature.

Oil filled radiators are an ideal choice for larger grow tents. They are effective because they don’t get too hot on the outside and don’t emit carbon monoxide. Unlike other types of heating devices, oil filled radiators heat an area through convection, which prevents the heater from getting hot to the touch.


To protect your plants from the cold weather, insulating a grow tent in winter is an excellent idea. It works just like a house’s insulation. The fabric sticks inside the tent to keep it warmer, and it can take a few minutes to install. Unlike building insulation, however, insulated fabric isn’t permanent. When not in use, it needs to be removed before packing.

If you’re using a grow tent for your indoor cannabis growing, you’ll want to protect it against the cold. The material you use should be a good fit for your grow tent. Foam or foil insulation can be used. It will keep a layer of protection between the cold air outside and the warm air inside. The insulating material will also reflect 95% of the radiant energy, preventing condensation and moisture. It will also help keep heat from escaping from the grow tent and reducing energy bills.

Tube heaters

Winter is a crucial time for indoor plants, so it’s important to ensure your grow tent is warm enough for them to thrive. Indoor plants naturally slow down as nighttime temperatures drop, and this can lead to time and effort losses. Tube heaters and fans are a great way to maintain the right temperature for your plants in the winter.

These heaters work by converting manure into heat. It’s a simple process that requires a warm place during the day, but requires some thought and care.