What Should the Temperature Be in My Grow Tent?

The temperature of a growing area is called the ambient temperature. It is influenced by internal and external factors, such as the heat generated by grow lights. Hence, maintaining the proper temperature is essential for a healthy plant growth. There are various types of heating systems available to growers.

Ideal temperature

It’s important to keep the temperature of your grow tent at an ideal level for your plants. Cannabis plants tolerate about 10-15 degrees more heat than their flowering counterparts. However, they still need more light. It’s important to remember that this will have an impact on the yield of your plants. Taking the appropriate steps to minimize heat will ensure that your plants are healthier and stronger.

You should also keep an eye on humidity levels. Too low or too high humidity will cause your plants to have a difficult time growing. This can lead to root rot, nutrient burn, and fungus infestation.


If you want your plants to grow well, you need to control the humidity level inside your grow tent. There are several ways to do this. One way is to mist your plants several times a day. This will not increase humidity very much, but it will help to keep the relative humidity level constant. Remember that plants absorb water through the pores on their leaves. When they are given the proper amount of water, they will grow faster and stronger.

Another way to increase humidity is to place a water bowl inside your grow tent. This will increase the surface area of water and encourage evaporation. Alternatively, you can purchase a humidifier and place it in the tent.

Fan heaters

Fan heaters are an excellent way to increase the temperature inside your grow tent. They have a wide range of temperature settings, can be set to a specific temperature, and are extremely quiet. The best grow tent heaters also have a thermostat to prevent overheating. This type of grow room heater can maintain a consistent temperature of 0degF to 32degF, and can circulate up to 163 m3/h of air.

Fan heaters are great for growing vegetables and other plants, but they can also be used for other purposes, such as garages and basements. In humid climates, this type of heater can prevent mold from forming. The best grow tent heaters are also safe for kids and pets.

Oil filled radiators

Oil filled radiators in a Grow tent are an effective way to maintain a consistent temperature inside the tent. They are cheap to buy and easy to use. They are also considered more cost-effective to run than fan heaters. However, fan heaters can be just as economical if they are fitted with a high-quality external thermostat. And they have other advantages, too.

Oil filled radiators provide both heat and CO2. They can be placed on the inside or on the outside of the Grow tent. It is important to make sure that the temperature never falls below eighteen degrees. You don’t want to burn your plants.


The most important aspect of a grow tent is its airflow and volume. The airflow is measured in cubic feet per minute, and this number is derived from the total cubic feet of the grow room. If you plan to grow plants in your grow tent, make sure that you have enough airflow to keep them healthy. Using a fan to circulate air inside your grow tent will make sure that the plants stay at the optimal temperature.

In order to keep the temperature at a moderate level, you should use an oscillating fan. In addition, you can use clip-on fans to help disperse the heat.

Reflective hoods

Reflective hoods are a great way to regulate the temperature in your Grow tent. They can be placed above the light source to redirect the light downwards and towards the canopy of your plants. Reflective hoods can also be air cooled, allowing for cooler temperatures in the summer. Choose hoods that are 8 inches wide or larger for maximum airflow.

Reflective hoods can be made of different materials. Generally, they come in an 85% or higher reflectivity. The higher the reflectivity, the more light it will reflect. This can make a big difference for your plants.

Air diffusers

Air diffusers are a vital part of your Grow tent. They provide even distribution of air to your crops, preventing hot and cold spots. They can also help keep humidity levels down. They are easy to use and maintain. Air diffusers work by circulating air throughout your Grow tent in two ways: sideways and downwards.

The primary benefit of using air diffusers in a Grow tent is that they mix all air in the grow room, preventing microclimates and high humidity zones. This helps prevent a slowing down of photosynthesis or CO2 failure. Alternatively, they help reduce the amount of salt and CO2 deposited on your growing media.