What Should Be in a Grow Tent?

What should be in a grow tent


A grow tent is an essential part of cannabis cultivation, and there are many things you should look for in one. These include metal zippers, reflective sheeting, and a carbon filter. Keeping the growing environment as comfortable as possible is key to successful marijuana growing. You also need to consider odor control, security, and electronic controls.

Metal zippers

Unlike other grow tents, Gorilla’s are built with sturdy metal poles and a heavy-duty, interlocking frame. This allows for maximum stability and security without sacrificing style. Gorilla grow tents feature a patented, infrared-blocking insulated roof that minimizes noise and offers superior security against falling lights, hoods and filters.

Choose a grow tent that has heavy-duty zippers at the door and window to prevent leaks. Metal zippers are better than plastic ones because they are less likely to wear or tear. The zippers should be long-lasting, and they should be heavy-duty and sturdy. You should also look for a grow tent with a good warranty.

A grow tent should have multiple ventilation holes and sturdy metal poles, which will prevent heat from escaping the tent. This will allow for proper air circulation and prevent plants from drying out. Another important feature of a grow tent is its height, which should be at least twice the height of the plants. Too low a height restriction can result in overgrowth and poor yields. Make sure you have bandages and a back brace handy in case you have an accident.

Steel interlocking mechanisms

When it comes to choosing a grow tent, one of the most important aspects is the amount of space it offers. Generally, growers opt for grow tents that have large enough spaces to accommodate a large variety of cannabis varieties. The space inside a grow tent is critical for the growth of cannabis plants, which require 12 to 24 hours of light and darkness for flowering. Next, a grow tent should have good build quality. It should have metal zippers and steel interlocking mechanisms to ensure maximum strength and durability. It should also be constructed from thick canvas that prevents tearing and contains the smell of the cannabis plants better.

An added benefit of grow tents is their ability to control the amount of air. While too much ventilation will cause the growing area to become too hot and dry, too little can cause the plants to suffer. Adding a fan to a grow tent is a great idea as it will help keep the air moving in and out of the grow area.

Reflective sheeting

Reflective sheeting can be an excellent way to maximize light reflection and prevent hot spots in your grow tent. You can buy a variety of materials, including Disswat, a brand that offers over 90% light reflection. It also prevents glare from electrical devices and has a thin layer of air bubbles between the two sides, which insulates the temperature in the growing room.

Reflective sheeting is available in different materials and is made from a resin known as polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a type of polyester film. The sheeting is usually made in wide sizes and is often referred to as Mylar. Using this type of material in your grow tent can increase light exposure up to 30%, a considerable amount, without adding additional lights or electricity. As a result, your plants will receive more energy and grow faster, with superior yields.

Reflective sheeting is highly effective in a grow tent and is especially effective in close proximity to your plants. It’s easy to install using adhesive hook-and-loop tape. Mylar is available in two thicknesses – 1mm and 2mm – and can be purchased in either textured or smooth finishes. One drawback of Mylar is that it tends to pick up dirt and can reduce light reflection. Another option is to use microfiber grow films, which can be washable and tear-resistant.

Carbon filter

You can use a carbon filter in your grow tent to get rid of odors and stale air. Carbon filters are easy to set up and are connected to your ventilation system. They pull air from the grow tent and then filter it. When used properly, a carbon filter can drastically improve the overall quality of your indoor grow.

Carbon filters are essential for growing in a grow tent, regardless of the size. Even a single plant can produce a noticeable odor that can contaminate the air around the grower. It is best to use a small-sized filter to minimize the smell and keep the tent odor-free.

Carbon filters are made from high-quality carbon granules or pellets that are enclosed in a chemical-resistant case. These filters are typically cylindrical in shape and contain many tiny pores. Activated carbon has a high surface area, which allows it to trap odor particles and stale air. One gram of activated carbon can cover approximately 3000 square meters.