Will a Grow Tent Work Outside?

Will a Grow tent work outsideThere are a few things you should look for in a grow tent. Some features you should look for include active airflow, Intake vents, and Height extenders. Also, you should consider the durability of the grow tent. Some grow tents can withstand the elements, but you should consider the size and weight of the tent before you buy it.

Intake vents

A grow tent needs a good ventilation system. It should be vented to push out old air, while bringing fresh air into the room. This system should be oscillating, so it will move air around the grow tent. This ventilation system can also help with pest control. The best ventilation system has intake and exhaust vents.

You can also set up an intake fan system for your grow tent. These systems are available at hardware stores or online. They draw fresh air from an adjacent room and exhaust hot air out of the tent room. However, this ventilation system is more complicated than a passive one. Setting up the ventilation from the outside is easy, but requires more work than setting up intake and exhaust vents in your grow tent.

Active airflow

An active airflow system will allow your plants to breathe better and stay cooler by circulating fresh air throughout the grow area. This fresh air will also be the source of CO2 for your plants as they respire. This method is easy to install and can make a huge difference in the results you get from your indoor grow space.

To achieve active airflow, you need to set up an exhaust fan and an intake fan. Both of these ventilation systems should be connected to ducting that runs from the tent to the outside. The exhaust port should be large enough to allow fresh air to enter and exit the room.

Height extenders

Height extenders for Grow tents outside are a great way to expand the length of your tent without having to move it. These kits are great for growing indoors or outside, and are compatible with most Grow tents. They are also compatible with the Gorilla Extension range. This means you can get the same great quality and features as the bigger versions, but with less height.

If you’re going to be growing marijuana indoors, you need to make sure your tent allows for good airflow access. If possible, place your tent next to a window so it can get fresh air from the outdoors and push bad air out.


When purchasing a grow tent, consider the material it’s made from. The material density is important because it determines how durable it will be. Denier is a measure of the mass of fibers per 9000 meters, and the higher the density, the more robust the fabric. The most durable grow tents have a fabric density of at least 1680D.

A good grow tent should have strong, durable poles. This ensures that the tent remains stable and secure. Top-quality tents have extra-strong metal supports and snap joints. They’ll keep your plants safe and dry from moisture.


A grow tent is a portable growing room that can be set up quickly in your home and can be used to grow any kind of plant. The tents are generally inexpensive and can mimic a natural outdoor environment. You should choose a grow tent that is appropriate for the amount of space you need.

The cost of a grow tent depends on several factors. These factors include the type of grow system you choose, the lighting and the power source. The lighting and power systems are usually the most expensive part of a grow tent. The type of light you choose depends on the size of your garden and your budget. If your budget is tight, you may have to make do with lower-quality lighting or a smaller garden.